Welcome to Heal Yourself, Heal Your Life: The Future of Well-Being - Dr. Sue’s Live 3-Day Experiential Event! 

This is a quick tutorial to help you navigate your Heal Yourself, Heal Your Life Member Area on the drsuemorter.com website - where you’ll find information about the upcoming event, your unique access link or “virtual ticket” to the live event, bonuses and more…

STEP ONE: Log Into Your Member Area

  • To access your Member Area on the Dr. Sue Morter website, go to: www.drsuemorter.com
  • Click on the “Member Login”
  • If you are on a laptop or desktop, you’ll find the “Member Login” at the upper right corner of the screen
  • NOTE: If you are on a phone, tablet, or other device, the “Member Login” may appear on other areas of the screen
  • Enter your email and password

STEP TWO: Navigate Your Member Area

  • Once you’re in your Member Area, you’ll find the Heal Yourself, Heal Your Life tile under the “My Coursework / Events”
  • Locate and click on your Heal Yourself, Heal Your Life Tile

Welcome & Unique Access Link

  • Here you’ll see a welcome message and the dates of the live event: May 17-19, 2024

  • EVENT ACCESS LINK - This is where you’ll find your unique access link providing you entrance into the Event Dashboard for the live, virtual event. The Event Dashboard is different than your Member Area, and is where you’ll find information about the event, your workbook, and instructions on how to access the live event on May 17-19, 2024

    • NOTE: The Access Link will appear in your Member Area closer to the event date and will be emailed to you as well

Agenda & Reminders

  • Reminder: this event is a LIVE, EXPERIENTIAL EVENT 

  • No replays will be provided 

  • Dr. Sue is excited to see each and every person live and create an amazing field of energetic support that will skyrocket everyone's transformation!


  • The bonuses associated with your registration such as “Fear Into Fire” and other programs gifted as part of this event are found at the bottom of the page

  • Bonuses can also be found in the “My Digital Library” of the Member Area

We look forward to welcoming you live starting May 17, 2024 for Heal Yourself, Heal Your Life: The Future of Well-Being!
If you have any questions, please email the amazing support team of Morter Institute at info@drsuemorter.com